It’s sad, but far too many people take their skin for granted and they do not realize they are damaging their skin on a regular basis. Whether they recognize it or not, proper skin care is important for anyone’s overall health. As the years go by you will certainly notice your skin going through quite some changes. It is not as strong and resilient as you may think. It entirely depends on you to make sure it gets the nourishment it requires. This entails proper cleansing, moisturizing where needed, and protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Many beauty products enter the market every year. Most are appealing to women and only a few select items are embraced by the male population. Are you up with all the current trends in skin care today? All of the sudden everyone wants to have rosy white skin. Now, I’m not just talking about clear here. I’m talking about skin that is glowing and free of blemishes and dark patches. One of the more popular trends now is skin whitening or skin bleaching. Skin bleaching products can be used to treat discolored skin.

If you are not looking for something so drastic, there are ways to keep your skin healthy. Most are very easy to do yet some people find them difficult or they are just too lazy to do them. Here are the top 5 home remedies for skin bleaching:


Home Remedies for Skin Bleaching

Home Remedies for Skin Bleaching

(This list is not ranked.)

1. Wear sunscreen and minimize exposure to sunlight.

The sunlight and UV rays can be your worst enemy. One of the mandatory skin care rules you should follow is use sunblock or sunscreen regularly. Something with SPF 20+ or higher is recommended. The truth is nothing is more damaging to your skin than the sun’s powerful and harmful rays. They cause premature ageing and wrinkles galore.

2. Boost your Vitamin C intake.

It is considered to be the most important ingredient used in skin care treatments. It is a required component for the production of collagen that gives the skin firmness and tones the skin. It also lightens dark discoloration like uneven skin tone and pigmentation spots and helps to get smoother and younger skin. Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of Vitamin C.

3. Try milk recipes.

The lactic acid content in milk can effectively lighten and brighten the skin’s complexion because it reduces melanin. There are several recipes that you can try with the items readily available in your pantry. Recipes like lime juice and milk, papaya and milk, almonds and milk, are great to achieve a lighter complexion.

4. Apply homemade and natural face masks/packs.

This is like having your own spa at home. Some of the ingredients for your face masks can be readily available in your kitchen but some you have to purchase on groceries or drug stores. Examples of the best homemade face masks include dried orange peels and yogurt, tomato, yogurt and oatmeal, mint leaves, gram flour and butter milk, and potato pulp.

5. Use gentle skin bleaching products with care.

Skin bleaching products are available at the market but they should be used with caution or else they may cause skin irritation, allergies or other side effects. Make sure that it suits your skin type and should not be used for longer periods than necessary.

A clear, blemish-free skin is commonly associated with youth and good health. All these home remedies and tips are very effective in lightening your skin. Take care of your skin; no one said you have to be young to be beautiful.